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Our wellness dashboard provides you with the tools you need to check and monitor your health on your schedule and at a price you can afford.

Take Control of Your Own Health

Are you Healthy? Are you Sure?

Find out now, if you have a health disorder or disease before it is too late. More than half of all Americans have some form of chronic disease. Do you? No excuses, find out now.

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Improve Your Quality of Life

Conditions such as unbalanced hormones, vitamin levels and other disorders can make you feel tired, unmotivated, depressed and have many other negative impacts on your quality of life.


Use Our Wellness Tools to keep you Healthy

Order Your Wellness Blood Tests

Did you know that your blood tells the majority of the story of your health? Now you can order the wellness blood tests that you want from your computer, tablet or smartphone without having to visit your doctor.

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Access Our Physicians Online

Don’t have time to visit the doctor but want answers? Speak with one of our online physicians and discuss any medical or wellness questions you have. No lines, no frustration, just answers.

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Understand Your Results

All of our blood test results are graphically displayed in such a way that you can understand your current health picture as well as your overall health trend. Also, our virtual doctors are available 24/7 to discuss your test results or any medical questions or concerns you may have. Your health, your way.

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Use Your Results

Now you can order blood tests to see the actual effects that your wellness effort or lifestyle change is actually having on your health. Our side-by-side, easy-to-understand graphical blood test results allow you to see your health trending real-time with a diet plan, fitness regiment, wellness program or overall lifestyle change.

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Save Your Time & Money

All of our wellness services are heavily discounted so you can afford to stay healthy. Also, no doctor visit means no co-pay, deductible or travel expenses. Be an informed consumer, save your money and take control of your health now.

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All of our wellness services are accessible from your computer, tablet or smartphone. No waiting to schedule a doctor visit, no lines at the doctor office, and no aggravation. You are in control of your own health, on your schedule.

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Insured or Not, We Make Sense for You

If you are insured, our prices are often lower than your co-pay and deductible. With us, however, you also save precious time.

If you are not insured or are on an HRA, HSA, FSA or other plan,we can provide your wellness needs within your budget.

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Medical Information Access & Confidentiality

Access Your Records Directly 24/7

All of your test results and doctor consultations are always available to you 24/7 using your personal secure login. You can take them to a doctor appointment or compare them on our system side by side to see your health trend in real time.

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Your Results Are for Your Eyes Only

All of our wellness services are completely private and confidential. Feel secure that all of your blood tests will not be seen by your employer, insurer or anyone else you do not elect to share with.

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