What We Do

MyBenefitsLab provides its strategic clients revolutionary plug-&-play health screening tools that are white-labeled and effortlessly incorporated into their existing websites and platforms

MyBenefitsLab is fully integrated with the nation's largest laboratories and physician networks making the process of health screening automated, efficient and affordable.

“ By providing our clients a new and seamless way to broaden their current wellness offerings, engage their population and create new streams of revenue, we are truly creating the future of wellness now. ” – Chris Freedman - President

As a Wellness Benefit

MyBenefitsLab integrates and white-labels its Wellness Dashboard to clients’ websites and platforms and acts as a “Healthcheck Marketplace” providing direct online access to health blood tests and online physician consultations.

This unique wellness benefit savesclients’ members and employees a great deal of time and money while giving them an unparalleled way to take control of their own health.

Just as importantly, this benefit helps broaden ourclients’current wellness offerings, provides a new way to engage their population andcreates new revenue streams.

As an Ordering Tool

For Physicians - MyBenefitsLab provides physicians a portal for ordering blood tests that saves their cash-pay patients from paying retail lab prices. This provides significant savings to patients who are uninsured, under-insured or utilize health savings accounts.

For Wellness Providers – MyBenefitsLab allows wellness companies to offer a highly automated, efficient way to order blood tests for their corporate clients’ offsite screening needs.

This system saves time and lowers bottom line expenses while also opening up the ability to remotely serve smaller corporations they could not previously serve.

As a Marketing Tool

MyBenefitsLab provides health service and product providers a way to engage their potential market through online blood tests associated with their service or product.

By integrating into their online or print marketing material, MyBenefitsLab can provide a convenient way for a potential client to get a “health baseline” related to that product or service. This provides our clients two advantages: (1) The online test is unique helps separate their marketing from their competition and (2) The baseline test drastically increases the actual client engagement of the product or service.


MyBenefitsLab provides “clients “scrubbed” regional and national reports on health marker improvements to its population. This can be used to help validate theclient’s wellness offerings as well as for marketing service claims that now require third party validation by most search engines.