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We provide you with personal access to more than 300 different blood tests to help you take control of your health and wellness.

All blood tests are provided by nationally-accredited well-known clinical laboratories near you, and all of your test results are completely confidential.

You deserve to take control of your health your way.

Blood tests can be ordered individually as well as in panels.

Panels are groups of tests that are normally ordered together by physicians for wellness or disease screening.

All of our Test Panels have been designed by our Wellness Director. Each test or panel has detailed explanations on what they test for and why.


How It Works

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Test Results You Can Understand

Your test results are displayed graphically and are easy to understand. As you reorder tests, your Test Trends page will display all your historical test results side-by-side so you can see you health trending and changing in real time.

Order a doc chat with your tests and one of our virtual physicians will provide full virtual explanation of your tests results so you can fully understand them as well as what you should do next.

Take charge of your health today and become empowered.

Utilize our wellness tools to keep you healthy as well as a way to monitor your health during a new wellness program such as a new diet, fitness program or lifestyle change.

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Order a Doctor Consultation (Doc Chat) Online

Don’t have time to visit your doctor, but you want answers to your medical or health questions and concerns? Now you can order a full medical consultation from board-certified physicians through our innovative and secure Doc Chat portal.

Here are your Doc Chat options:

Lab Results Virtual Consultation

Doc Chat physician consultation that includes a board-certified physician's review of your blood test results.

Full write-up on test results.

Opportunity to ask the physician questions directly about your test results and what to do next.

General Medical Virtual Consultation

An affordable virtual medical consultation with a board-certified physician.

Opportunity to ask the physician general medical and/or personal health questions.

General Medical Phone Consultation

A medical phone consultation with a board-certified physician.

Ask the physician general medical and/or personal health questions directly on the phone.

Only option where the physician can order prescriptions at a pharmacy of your choice.


How It Works

1. Ask Your Question

2. Doctor Response

3. Follow Up

Personal Health and Medical Information

Use our site to research personal health, medical and disease information. Learn about diseases and risk factors associated with each test including a full range of disease symptoms. Our unique "Why This Test?" section explains why you would order a specific test.